Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winter LEs & Peppermint Bliss!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and there's a definite crispness in the air, so it's time for some new scents!

Winter 2009 Limited Editions
5 Spice Honey (FB Exclusive): Clover honey warmed with Ceylon cinnamon, spicy clove, fresh ginger, sweet star anise, and black pepper.
Battenberg Cake (FB Exclusive): A British favorite dessert of light sponge cake filled with apricot jam and frosted with marzipan icing.
Cherry Cavendish (FB Exclusive): Smooth, mild Cavendish tobacco sweetened with cherry, a drop of honey, and a hint of vanilla.
Cinnamon Pinecones (FB Exclusive): Spicy cinnamon sticks mingling with woodsy pinecones.
Coquito (FB Exclusive): A traditional Puerto Rican holiday drink of eggnog made with coconut milk and a dash of nutmeg.
Cranberry Marmalade (FB Exclusive): Juicy cranberries, zesty blood orange, and a hint of spicy clove.
Gingerbread Noel (FB Exclusive): Warm, spicy gingerbread sweetened with Vanilla Noel.
Majesty (FB Exclusive): A regal blend of fragrant frankincense, sweet myrrh, and earthy patchouli.
Mantra (FB Exclusive): A meditative combination of nag champa incense, grounding sandalwood, and golden amber inspired by the literal translation of the Sanskit word mantra - instrument of thought.
Marzipan Canella (FB Exclusive): A delectable blend of sweet, nutty marzipan spiced with pure Ceylon cinnamon.
Pumpkin Pie (FB Exclusive): It's just not the holidays without pumpkin pie! Sweet pumpkin filling with a touch of spice in a light, flaky crust with a dollop of whipped cream.
Snow: The delicate fragrance of newly fallen snow. This beautiful scent is fresh, clean, and little bit sweet.
Snowflake Nog (FB Exclusive): Creamy white chocolate, frothy eggnog, and a dollop of whipped cream.
Starry Night: Crisp air with faint wood and a wisp of smoke from fires in the distance on a clear night.
Sugar Plum Fairy (FB Exclusive): Fruity sugar plums sweetened with a sprinkle of pink fairy dust.
Temptation (FB Exclusive): An irresistible blend of rich, dark chocolate, juicy blood orange, fresh ginger, and a dash of black pepper.
Zanzibar (FB Exclusive): Escape with this exotic blend of spicy cinnamon, earthy sandalwood, and warm myrrh.
Zesty Gingerbread (FB Exclusive): An old favorite with a new twist! Fresh baked gingerbread, blackstrap molasses, and tangy blood orange.

Peppermint Bliss
Candy Cane Cookie (FB Exclusive): Fresh baked sugar cookie with bits of minty candy canes.
Comforting Peppermint (FB Exclusive): Soothe holiday stress with crisp peppermint and our popular Comfort fragrance (calming lavender with a hint of creamy milk and a drop of honey).
Crème de Menthe (FB Exclusive): A delicious blend of smooth white chocolate, sweet peppermint, and a whisper of vanilla bean.
Fire & Ice (FB Exclusive): An intriguing fusion of hot cinnamon and cool peppermint.
Frosted Cranberry (FB Exclusive): Sweet cranberry, newly fallen snow, and a touch of refreshing peppermint.
Ice Queen (FB Exclusive): Frosty peppermint and our Nile Queen blend of rich amber, Bourbon vanilla, and warm tonka grounded with deep patchouli.
Mallomint (FB Exclusive): An irresistible combination of fluffy marshmallow and crisp peppermint.
Peppermint Mocha (FB Exclusive): One of our favorite winter treats! Rich hot chocolate, a shot of espresso, and sweet peppermint.
Pink Peppermint (FB Exclusive): Pink Sugar gets spruced up for the holidays with cool peppermint.
Starlight Tea (FB Exclusive): Freshly brewed tea, sweet star anise, and refreshing peppermint.

There are also many fragrances on the regular Scent Menu that are perfect for this time of year! A few of our favorites are Masala Chai, Marrakesh, and Vanilla Noel.

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