Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Scents & Domestic Shipping

Warmer weather means it's time for some new fruity and tropical scents!

Tantalizing Lime
Emerald Forest
Lime Coconut Cupcake
Lime Cola
Lime Creamsicle
Violet Lime
Watermelon Mojito*
Yuzu Margarita

Coconut Paradise
Banana Colada
Black Coconut*
Coconut Candy Sunset
Coconut Cardamom
Coconut Cookie
Coconut Haze
Coconut Milk
Island Carnival
Kona Latte
Monoi Coco*
Strawberry Colada*

Summer Limited Editions
Bubblegum Ice Cream
Cherry Lemonade*
Crimson Papaya*
Double Mint Tea
Guava Peach
Mango Mochi
Orange Cream Soda
Polynesian Punch
Purple Melon
Rose Lemonade
Strawberry Lilikoi
Zucchini Flower
* Denotes returning blends

I did some number crunching & domestic shipping within the U.S. needed to be updated as well, so it has been changed to a flat rate of $7.95. If the actual cost is less, a refund will be issued when the package is mailed.

I apologize that there wasn't any notice! It was just easier to do all the website work at once. I hope you understand.

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